September 2017 Newsletter

Global Training Center

“Alexa, Thank Our Customers For Their Support”

Last month we announced our new Alexa Skill (app) on the Amazon store. We hope you have had the opportunity to install this free feature for your Amazon Echo and have had time to use it. What’s next? We have many plans, as stated in our announcement last month, also on the Alexa page. Learn more about what is happening with GTC.

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CTPAT “Your Supply Chains Strongest Link”

Attended the 2017 CTPAT conference in Detroit. After 2 days of CTPAT’ing, here is a list of my top 10 takeaways including the changes I see coming to the CTPAT program.

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Building an Export Controls Compliance Program That Works

Following the rules and regulations aren’t always easy, and if people across an organization don’t follow the rules…well, that’s where potential risks turn into actual compliance gaps and eventually to violations.

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GSP and Sets

Assume pots and pans from Thailand individually qualify for duty-free entry into the US under the Generalized System of Preferences (“GSP”). Now assume that glass lids for the pots and pans are from China, which is not a GSP-eligible country. Do the pots and pans continue to qualify for duty-free entry under GSP?

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Eight Tips for New Importers

New or experienced importer quick read: A checklist for doing the import right. Once you have crafted a plan on what type of product you want to import, the following tips will serve as a guide in the import process.

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