June 2018 Newsletter

Global Training Center

Why is Trade Compliance operating like its 1999?

Biggest take away from AAEI was not the information from the sessions. The overriding impression that I was left with was that most companies are huge laggards in embracing the technology to support their trade compliance departments.

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Global State of Supply Chain Security: Evolving Threats

Read part one of a three-part interview with World Customs Organization Director of Compliance and Facilitation, Ana Hinojosa. She talked with HSToday about threats to global supply chain security along with blockchain, compliance and risk management.

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World Cup Better Than Expected for Logistics

The FIFA World Cup 2018 has caused a temporary shortage of transport capacities in certain regions of Russia, with a local rise in tariffs and some delays at customs, according to Irina Novikova, the inland transport department director of Gefco.

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Contracts with Foreign Companies May Require a Rewrite

U.S. parties should provide in their contracts that the foreign party will pay for the costs of service if the foreign party does not appear voluntarily.

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Trade War Own Goal

What do World Cup football and international trade policy have in common? Not much, really, but for each, the desire to avoid an “own goal” – scoring against yourself – is paramount.

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5 Requirements for Importing Goods into Mexico

In order to be successful, companies that manufacture within the borders of Latin America’s second-largest economy must be knowledgeable regarding the requirements for importing goods into Mexico.

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