July 2016 Newsletter

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How to Start your Own Import/Export Business

Being in the business of providing education for companies and individuals on Global Trade, we tend to get inquiries ranging anything from consulting questions on trade matters to requests on processing shipments, none of which we do but gladly point them to the right resources. One of the most common questions we get is how to start an import / export business.

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10 Reasons Trade Compliance Programs are Unnecessary

Companies of all sizes in all industries struggle with rrade compliance programs and the trade compliance role. There are many reasons why a compliance program is controversial. Here are the top 10 reasons why a trade compliance program is truly an unnecessary waste of resources:

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An Unexpected Outcome of the Rise of Populist Protectionism

Anyone paying attention has noticed a significant trend this year in Western politics: protectionism. In international trade references, the definition of “protectionism” is: “the theory, practice, or system of fostering or developing domestic industries by protecting them from foreign competition through duties or quotas imposed on importations”[i] I can cite several examples this year of protectionism in Western politics:

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Keeping You Up-to-date with Trade Laws and Regulations

The Bureau of Industry has issued a final rule adopting new guidelines for resolving alleged violations of the Export Administration Regulations. The final rule includes a number of changes from the initial BIS proposal, discussed here, following consideration of public comments. As explained by BIS, the revised approach is intended to more closely resemble the resolution process applied by the Office of Foreign Assets Control for violations of its various sanctions programs.

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