February 2017 Newsletter

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NAFTA 2.0 – Modernizing the Free Trade Agreement

The Trump administration has promised to reopen NAFTA and renegotiate it in a way that is favorable to all parties involved. While all participating countries have expressed a willingness to reopen the negotiations, exactly how this renegotiation will take shape or what will result from it remain to be seen. Recently I had the chance to speak with Jon Barela, CEO of The Borderplex Alliance.

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17 Tips to Grow a Global Business

These 17 factors are all part of the process of turning your global aspirations into a reality. Your best chance of growing a global business lies in developing a plan, executing on it, and developing strong connections within your new markets.

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NAFTA Indirect Materials Ruling

In the meantime, the NAFTA rules of origin continue in place. Often, for a product to qualify as originating, it must have a Regional Value Content of 50% when calculated with the net cost methodology or 60% when calculated with the transaction value methodology. There are exceptions, especially for automotive products. You need to check the rule applicable to your product in HTSUS General Note 12.

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Top 4 Issues Affecting Trucking this Year

We recapped some of the big stories in trucking regulations in 2016 and discussed the issues coming up in 2017. The year is already gearing up to be a transformative time for the transportation industry—especially from a trucking regulations standpoint.

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President Trump and NAFTA

During the recent election campaign, President Donald Trump ran, in part, on a platform to shake up America’s global trade position by promising to renegotiate a number of trade deals—most notably, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Mexico and Canada—or risk a termination of the agreement by the US.

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