March 2017 Newsletter

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5 Key EAR and OFAC Updates You Need to Know for Export Compliance

There have been multiple updates from BIS, DDTC, and OFAC in the last few weeks. Are you up to speed on if and how they affect your company or institution? Here are some key changes that affect many research and technology endeavors.

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Can artificial intelligence make supply chains sustainable?

The good news for us humans is that the current generation of AI technologies being used to automate data collection and processing — such as machine-learning software that amasses more expertise as it analyzes data or neural networks modeled after the human brain — are more likely to augment the human workforce rather than replace it. At least for now.

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A tale of two ports: Oakland and Long Beach are looking strong

Last year was a rocky one for both Pacific Rim gateways, but this year looks promising, indeed. Transpacific shippers and other transport stakeholders were given briefings recently by the ports of Oakland and Long Beach to reassure them that they’d be competitive in 2017 and beyond.

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Supply Chain May Be a Numbers Game, But It’s Still Played by People

Supply Chain May Be a Numbers Game, But It’s Still Played by People. Supply-chain management today is very much a game of numbers. But the risk of getting lost in the math is real. It’s all about analytics (the method by which managers crunch an increasingly vast universe of numbers to reach key decisions on procurement, production, inventory and sales).

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