May 2017

Global Training Center

Trade Tips: How Small Businesses Can Prepare to Export

In honor of World Trade Month, we are partnering with the US Department of Commerce to help your small business learn the ins and outs of exporting. Through a series of “how to” videos and tips, you’ll learn how your company can break out into new markets through the power of international trade.

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Exploring First Principles of Trade

May is “World Trade Month,” so it’s a good moment to pause and reflect on the fundamentals of international trade and its importance to American jobs and economic growth. Today, most of us produce very little that we consume directly. Trade is essential because a steelworker wouldn’t want to be paid in steel any more than an insurance salesman would want to be paid in insurance: you can’t eat I-beams or annuities.

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12 consideraciones para cuando se declara producto bajo TLCAN

From the Archives: Esta nota fue publicada en inglés hace un par de años. Pero es justo ahora cuando, en parte por la publicidad sobre la nueva administración en Estados Unidos, nuestros clientes han solicitado información sobre el TLCAN en español. Esta información es muy práctica y sigue en vigor y relevancia, tal como cuando fue publicada en aquel tiempo.

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Positioning a business for global success

Laurel Delaney: What are the odds of hitting nirvana with your business when it comes to taking it global? In “17 tips to grow a global business,” I talked about what you need to do to grow your business beyond borders. Here, I offer you a slightly different twist — a variety of ways, a checklist if you will, for positioning your business for global success.

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Chinese Manufacturing Companies Moving to the US

China gets a bad rap for taking US jobs, but a recent trend is seeing Chinese manufacturing companies moving to the US in search of lower production costs and higher profits. While Made in China seems to be the byword for manufactured goods in the US, many Chinese manufacturers who sell to US markets are actually hoping to replace it with Made in America.

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Export Like a Boss

This is the podcast for those on the front-lines of international business and trade. We interview business owners and executives that are crushing it in the international business arena, and we talk specially about exports. Some of the topics discussed in each episode are: Marketing, Sales, and Business development, plus more.

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