June 2017

Global Training Center

Crossborder Selling: What Small & Mid-Size Businesses Need to Know

Crossborder selling has become easy enough that small & medium-sized businesses from every corner of the economy want to take advantage of the global marketplace.

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Enhanced Enforcement of Antidumping and Countervailing Duties

President Trump issued two Executive Orders on March 31, 2017, signaling the new administration’s opposition to unfair trade practices.

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Purchasing Trends Of Small-And-Medium Sized Importers

UPS announced the results of its 2017 UPS Business Monitor™ Export Index Latin America (BMEI) report. The insights include importer’s preferred methods to evaluate and contact new suppliers, their criteria, and factors in the supply chain that influence their purchasing decisions.

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What Do Small Businesses Really Think?

Small businesses are on the front lines of growth, accounting for two-thirds of new jobs and half of our country’s economic output. Their experiences and perspectives tell us a lot about where our economy is headed—and what our leaders in Washington should be doing to help.

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