July 2017

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Customs Broker Exam Goes Electronic & More Expensive

The customs broker exam will from now on be administered and taken electronically. Yes, no more bubbling in scantron sheets with No. 2 pencils! CBP issued a Federal Register Notice revising its regulations.

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New U.S. Policy on Cuba

Read the summary of the main changes, and background of why the President has signed an executive order making these changes in support of the Cuban people. The announced changes do not take effect until the new OFAC regulations are issued. The forthcoming regulations will be prospective and will not affect existing contracts and licenses.

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Merchandise Processing Fee: Hidden Info You Need to Know

Whether you’re a foreign company importing your products to the United States, or you’re an American company importing foreign goods as part of your business, you’ll need to account for the merchandise processing fee (MPF). While the terms of payment are relatively straightforward, there are many considerations that determine how much an importer pays.

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US EPA Issues Final TSCA Rules

Three final framework rules under the new TSCA, as well as scoping documents for the first ten substances subject to risk evaluation, were due to be issued by the US EPA.

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