January 2018 Newsletter

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5 Ways to Monitor Changing US Regulations in the Coming Year

Export Controls: Now is the time to think strategically about the new year. How will you stay on top of dynamic export controls regulations and remain compliant?

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Ten Supply-Chain Predictions for 2018

Supply chain top 10 predictions for 2018, including the impact for supply chain planning, supply chain execution/fulfillment, and procurement and supply chain security.

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Update on the NAFTA Renegotiations: What You Need to Know

The cancellation of US involvement in the TPP, and its potential withdrawal from NAFTA have sparked considerable anxiety over the loss of protections and opportunities both investment treaties afford.

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Your Transportation Management System Can Help Manage the Amazon Effect

Lots of supply chains are dealing with the “Amazon effect,” which has led consumers to demand lightning-fast (and free) delivery times, last-minute order changes, and 100 percent order accuracy.

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Managing Global Trade: A Look Beyond the Surface

During the recent years, global trade regulations went from a sleepy niche to a major driver of mainstream news. In 2016, one major world power withdrew from a historic trade pact and another ditched the European Union. Figures in many countries used protectionist rhetoric to obtain power. The possibility of sanctions, “trade wars” and other deployments of soft power increasingly replaced calls for military might.

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CTPAT 2018 Update

At the 2017 Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) Conference in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced plans to strengthen the existing “minimum security criteria (MSC) for the program and adding new criteria to reflect evolving security threats.

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