March 2018 Newsletter

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CBP Releases New
E-Commerce Strategy

In an effort to combat those risks and have a stronger trade posture in the e-commerce environment, the CBP released its new strategy. The new e-commerce strategy addresses the growing volume of imported small packages and the challenges it presents for the U.S. economy and security.

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Do you know what is EAR?

Commerce Department Export Controls (Export Administration Regulations). Issued by The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) of the US Commerce Department has responsibility for administering export controls on commodities, software and technology that is not within the jurisdiction of another agency.

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Which Export Classification? ECCN vs Schedule B

Not all export classifications are the same.
Do you understand which export classification is needed for your international shipment, export of technology, or deemed export transactions? Here are four keys to U.S. export classification numbers that will help you figure out which number is relevant – and when.

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More trucks and SUVs for the US market

The change in demand for light vehicles manufactured in Mexico is leading the country’s automakers to produce more trucks and SUVs for the US market. In the first two months of the present year, six out of every 10 vehicles manufactured in Mexico were trucks (mainly SUVs).

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Section 232 Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

Commerce Issues Requirements For Exclusion Requests. In President Trump’s March 8, 2018 proclamations announcing new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, he directed the Commerce Department to issue procedures within ten days for requests to exclude specific products from the tariffs.

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E-commerce Logistics Costs Set to Rise

Ecommerce logistics costs as a proportion of sales look set to rise in the coming years, driven by an increase in the volume of returns, and more according to the findings of an ecommerce logistics survey released by Transport Intelligence. Learn about the main threats to logistics companies’.

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