April 2018 Newsletter

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The Nuts & Bolts
of the Steel & Aluminum 232 Matters

Section 232 allows for trade remedies when the president, acting through and on the recommendation of the Department of Commerce, finds that imports threaten the national security of the United States.

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When Pigs And
Tariffs Fly

China’s announcement that it would be imposing a 25 percent additional tariff on exported American pork could not have come at a worse time for the American pork industry, coming as it does after the industry had just hit record levels in 2017.

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Bigger Requires Better

In transportation, everyone knows that bigger is always better; it’s why we have 18-wheelers and jumbo jets. So, it only stands to reason that ships, which still move about 90 percent of all global trade, would travel this route. Big time.

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Cuba-U.S. Relations: The Rapprochement
Slows Down

Trump administration reinstated restrictions on U.S. citizens traveling to and engaging in commerce with Cuba. Americans are no longer allowed to do business with over 180 entities.

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Customs Regs: A Necessary Evil, or The Key to Competitive Advantage?

How those burdensome Customs rules and regulations imposed on importers and exporters can make companies more competitive and efficient.

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How a Letter of Credit Can Boost Profitability

One of the most important things to negotiate before closing on an export sale is how payment will be made. Short of asking for payment in advance, securing payment with a letter of credit is the next best option.

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