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Cybersecurity a Top Concern as Automated Technologies Gain Traction

Cybersecurity must be a priority as manufacturers begin rolling out more automated driving systems, transportation industry groups told the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

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[Infographic] Where The U.S. Imports Its Fireworks From

Given that there are almost 14,000 fireworks displays every fourth of July, the fireworks industry is big business, find out from where the 70 percent of the pyrotechnics entering the U.S. are imported from.

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Consumer Impact of Potential U.S. Section 232 Tariffs & Quotas on Imported Automobiles & Automotive Parts

This briefing covers the economic, trade, employment, output, and price impacts of the potential Section 232 tariffs.

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U.S. Issues Additional Chinese Tariffs – Is Your Product on the List?

The industries affected include: aerospace, information and communications technology, robotics, industrial machinery, new materials, and automobiles.

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Select Ports Update: Rising Economic Tide Boosts North American Ports

Because a significant amount of U.S. imports are shipped through Canadian ports, this ports update will take a look at Canada and the U.S. as a single North American market.

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Tariffs: Manufacturers Are Ill-Equipped for Raw Material Cost Hikes

Grappling with questions like passing changes on, customer reaction, margin erosion. How will customers react to an across-the-board price increase?

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How China’s Economic Aggression Threatens the Technologies and Intellectual Property of the US and the World

White House Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy.

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Shoe Industry is terrified of tariffs. 98% of shoes are imported to U.S. and nearly 75% of those imports come from China

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