October 2019 Newsletter

Global Training Center

The Importance of Trade Compliance

One small mistake can cost you if not thousands of dollars in fines, your entire business. That’s why training is so important. It is also important to stay on top of the regulations, as they can change with politics and global economies.

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Trade Customs Rulings & Decisions – The “Sobro” a Smart Coffee Table

What if you could get more from that coffee table other than resting your cup, magazines, or snacks? The “Sobro” is an innovative Smart Coffee Table that fuses a broad range of accessories into one package. But for customs purposes, is this furniture, an appliance, entertainment device, or some other product?

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What is CTPAT and Other FAQs

Created to enhance border security and strengthen the international supply chain by preventing the concealment of weapons involved in terrorist activities. How do organizations become CTPAT certified?

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